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The Fleck

Manufacturer Documentation: Fleck Overview [pdf]

The Fleck series of nodes have been developed at CSIRO ICT Centre, Australia since the end of 2003. Similar to, and inspired by, the Mica-2 mote, the Flecks were designed to overcome limitations in those devices by providing:

  • One board solution, screw terminals give access to digital and analog channels
  • Robust expansion board interface inspired by PC/104 standard, two electrical connectors for stability and the ability to bolt the boards together, and stackable
  • Integrated solar charging, just connect solar cell and batteries to terminals
  • Single connector to allow for programming and access to serial ports
  • Long-range radio based on 430 and 915MHz radio chips (nRF903 and nRF905) from Nordic Semiconductor. Range over 1000m with a λ/4 whip antenna.

The group is particularly focussed on outdoor applications where long range and energy self-sufficiency are critical. Some applications also involve mobility, particularly for tracking animal position.


The first generation using Atmega 128 and nRF903 radio.

Fleck 1


An integrated version of the Fleck1, using Atmega 128 and nRF903 radio, with GPS and inertial sensor in a (large) single board format.

Fleck 2


The second generation using Atmega 128 and nRF905 radio.

Fleck 3

Expansion boards

All Fleck nodes can be fitted with expansion boards which are stackable. We have currently developed more than 15 expansion boards:

  • DSP with audio and video capture capability
  • GPS using ublox chipset
  • Inertial sensor with triaxial accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer
  • Soil moisture sensor interface: gypsum block and Echo capacitive sensor
  • Water quality sensor interface: pH, EC, Redox
  • Strain gauge
  • Microclimate: temperature, humidity, PAR, soil moisture

The most significant ones are described in more detail below.

Camera, audio and DSP



Soil and water

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