The Sensor Network Museumtm - T-Nodes

The T-Nodes have been developed by SOWNet Technologies, a spin-out company of the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO. It is specialized in wireless sensor networking and customization of both hardware and software. SOWNet Technologies website


  • 1yr battery life on AA batteries with power management
  • 868, 433, 915, or 315 MHz multi-channel radio transceiver
  • Light, temperature, RH, barometric pressure, acceleration/seismic, acoustic, magnetic, GPS, and other sensors available, also supporting supplied custom sensors or integration thereof.
Battery Supplyphotocell or other
Minimum Vin2.5Vb
Regulated Supplyno
uC sleep with timer on60uW
uC active, radio off15mW
uC active, radio idle listening50mW
uC active, radio TX/RX80mW

a power consumption measured in the field.
b operation from rechargeable cells (Vcc=2.4V) unreliable

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