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TinyNode 584

Manufacturer documentation: Shockfish TinyNode 584

Compact sensor node platform based on an MSP430 microcontroller and a Xemics XE1205 radio transceiver.


  • TI MSP430F1611 microcontroller at 8 MHz
  • 10k SRAM, 48k Flash + 512k serial storage
  • 868 MHz Xemics XE1205 multi channel radio transceiver
  • On-board temperature sensor
  • 30-pin Molex connector
  • 30x40 mm

Power Consumption - Typical Operation

  • 3V design
  • Regulated core voltage at 2.8V with limited operation (no flash programming) down to 2.4V (input range 2.4-3.6V)
  • Supply voltage: 2.4 - 3.6V
 TinyNode 584 a
Battery Supply1 lithium, 2 alkaline batteries or 3 rechargeable cells
Minimum Vin2.4 V ( min. 2.7V during flash programming)
Battery Capacityn.a.
Regulated Supplyonly for Vin > 2.7 V
 Current Draw aPower Consumption b
uC sleep with timer on6.5 uA0.0195 mW
uC active, radio off2.1 mA6.3 mW
uC active, radio idle listening16 mA48 mW
uC active, radio TX/RX at +12dBm62 mA186 mW
Max. Power (uC active, radio TX/RX at +12dBm + flash write)76.9 mA230.7mW
a typical datasheet values (specified at 3.0V)
b power consumption calculated at 3.0V

TinyNode 584 Knowledge Base

Component Datasheets

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