The Sensor Network Museumtm - Sensor Network Testbeds

Current Testbeds

Older (Discontinued Testbeds)

  • Mirage
  • sMote at UC Berkeley - The sMote testbed consisted of 78 Mica2DOT sensor motes. Each mote was powered by Power Over Ethernet (PoE) rather than batteries or wall power, and was connected to a private Ethernet. This facilitated direct capture of data and uploading of new programs. The Ethernet connection was used as a debugging and reprogramming feature only, as nodes will generally communicate via radio.

Other Nifty Testbed Ideas

Alcherio Martinoli at EPFL is using robots in a windtunnel (controlled environment for odor source localization). They use optical identification of coded markers on the robots that are monitored by overhead cameras. To sync the experiment on both cameras and robots they use a flash and light (IR) sensors. This shows very good performance/accuracy.

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