The Sensor Network Museumtm - SNoW5

Manufacturer documentation: SNoW5 Documentation [pdf]


  • Microcontroller: TI MSP430 (8 MHz)
  • Memories: 10 kByte RAM, 48 kByte FLASH ROM, 2 MByte NAND-Flash
  • Low-power radio: Chipcon CC1100 @ 433-915 MHz
  • MCU Interfaces: UART, SPI, I2C, GPIO, ADC, DAC
  • Available Add-on interfaces: Ethernet, IrDA, CAN bus, LIN bus, USB, UltraSound
  • Available Add-on Sensors/Actuators: GPS, digital Compass, Accelerometer, Stepper Motor Driver, LCD interface, and various resistive sensors
  • Plain C
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