The Sensor Network Museumtm - Connectors

If you ever wondered about the rating of connectors and enclosures you might want to look here: Ingress Protection Rating

Weatherproof Connectors

Outdoor WSN deployments require special water/weatherproof enclosures and connectors. The further away from home you are with your deployment, the better protection you need.

Souriau UTS - TRIM TRIO Interconnect System

  • Waterproofed to IP68/IP69K
  • Rugged
  • Quick mating with 1/3 turn

UTS Series Datasheet [pdf]

E.g. for a 12 pin connection:

  • 12 pin connector: UTS6JC1412P, Farnell 1208039 with contacts RM16M23K, Farnell 3652026
  • 12 pin socket: UTS71412S, Farnell 1208029; with contacts RC16M23K, Farnell 3652051
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