The Sensor Network Museumtm - BTnode rev3

Manufacturer documentation: BTnode rev3 Hardware Reference

Versatile and flexible platform for fast-prototyping of sensor and ad-hoc networks. Based on an Atmel AVR microcontroller, a Bluetooth and a Chipcon CC1000 radio. Stated in other words, a BTnode rev3 is a Crossbow Mica2 Mote with more SRAM (256K) and an additional Bluetooth radio.


Power Consumption - Typical Operation

 BTnode rev3 BluetoothaBTnode rev3 Low Power Radioa
Battery Supply2 AA cells
Minimum Vin0.85 V
Battery Capacity2900 mAh
Regulated Supplyyes
CPU sleep, Radio off9.9 mW9.9 mW
CPU on, Radio off39.6 mW39.6mW
CPU on, Radio listen92.4 mW82.5 mW
CPU on, Radio RX/TX105.6 mW102.3 mW
CPU on, Bluetooth Inq198 mW--
CPU on, Radios both listening135.3 mW
Max. Power198 mW102.3 mW
a all values are typical values measured on a live system at 3.3V

BTnode Detailed Performance Characterization

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