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Hello to the Sensor Network Museum, a collection of reference data and links for commonly used sensor network platforms, as well as related topics. This collection is based on a wiki page. If you want to add or edit information, mail us about access to this wiki.

Have fun exploring.

Sensor Networks Protocols

  • The MAC Alphabet Soup: a comprehensive composition of available MAC protocols for WSNs.
  • An overview of security in WSN can be found here.

Sensor Network Hardware Systems

Tatiana Bokareva has already done quite a good job in her Mini Hardware Survey. Another pretty comprehensive listing of current platforms is maintained by the Imperial College London, or if you care to read a printed version the Embedded WiSeNts Platform Survey.

Processor Systems

Radio Systems - Comparison

Hardware Accessories


External Data Acquisition

Energy and Power




Sensor Network Operating Systems

TinyOS-2.x Knowledge Base

Nano-RK from CMU

Sensor Network Proceedings

Sensor Network Community and Mailing Lists

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